September 28, 2022

Shchelkovo Biocombinat

Shchelkovo Biocombinat has state-of-the-art production technologies and high tech equipment that allows to produce highly competitive veterinary products. Implementation of GMP standards at all stages of the production cycle guarantees excellent quality of products. Continuous improvement of the company’s Quality Management System ensures its sustainable development.Today the company’s key products are: mono- and polyvalent FMD…

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“SPE “AVIVAC” Ltd. is a leading Russian manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals for the specific prophylaxis and diagnosis of avian infections. The enterprise has been active on the poultry farming market for a quarter of a century, successfully offering solutions to veterinary-related issues and providing a disease-free status at more than one third of poultry farms in…

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VETAL Animal Health Products Inc., which adopts quality as a principle in every stage; In 1991, by a group of investors and veterinarians in Adıyaman; is the first private sector investment of our country established in the field of vaccine and biological material production.In line with the urgent needs of the country during its establishment,…

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NAPHAVET Co., Ltd – one of the best pharmaceutical veterinary manufacturers Vietnam, owns the modern factory, which located at 159 Bui Cong Trung St., Nhi Binh Ward, Hoc Mon Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. NAPHAVET CO., LTD specializes in manufacturing of veterinary medicines and other animal health care products for cattle, poultry and aquaculture…

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