September 28, 2022

Shchelkovo Biocombinat


Shchelkovo Biocombinat has state-of-the-art production technologies and high tech equipment that allows to produce highly competitive veterinary products. Implementation of GMP standards at all stages of the production cycle guarantees excellent quality of products. Continuous improvement of the company’s Quality Management System ensures its sustainable development.
Today the company’s key products are: mono- and polyvalent FMD vaccines, rabies vaccines for animals, brucella vaccines for ruminants, equine rhinopneumonitis vaccine, swine erysipelas vaccine, diagnostic kits for farm animals. In order to develop the product portfolio and improve the technologies Shchelkovo Biocombinat closely cooperates with leading Russian and international research institutes. There is a high demand for our products both on Russian and international markets.
Highly qualified personnel, applied research and development, technology improvement, great customer service, corporate citizenship and affection for animals are key factors of our success.